Livelihood Success Story: Ice Cream Making

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When Rose decided to cease operation of her piggery, she thinks of another business that could still give her additional income but not as arduous and time consuming like her piggery business. Since his son Ryan was doing some part time ice cream making, she decided to expand his ice cream business and made him as the manager. Rose immediately seek help from the livelihood program of the cooperative and was granted a loan which she used to purchase ice cream making equipment.

With a good customer service and, of course, a flavorful ice cream, orders began to increase that they were reuired to have a separate place to serve as factory in order for their business permit to be renewed. Once again, Rose applied for livelihood loan to finance the building of the mini factory and the repair of the multi-cab that’s used for ice cream delivery. Rose is very thankful due to the coop’s financial assistance, they have complied the requirements on time.

To further enhance the skill of her son Ryan in ice cream making and management, Ryan attended a seminar conducted by “Kapamilya Negosyo Na (KNN)”. He was featured last August 16, 2017 in one of ABS CBN’s episodes on TV Patrol. After he was featured on TV, orders increased from a start of 6 ice cream containers to 18 containers. To ensure to serve the increasing demand, especially on peak seasons, like Christmas, New Year and graduation months, they hired helpers to help them.

With the success of the business, Rose and Ryan are now on the stage of selling ice cream in cups, half gallon and one gallon container. They are now looking for a space in Marigondon to put up a Refreshment House that could display their ice cream products as well as snack items like cakes, burgers and sandwiches.

According to Rose, the success of their business is due to determination, hard work, effective budgeting of time and resources and above all excellent customer service. The customers are the lifeblood of every business, therefore, excellent customer service should be the focus. Without “customers”, any business won’t succeed.