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25 Years of Dedicated Service …….. What’s Next ?


The Start-up. It was in late 1982 when a group of concerned and dedicated employees gathered together to discuss ways where assistance could be readily available for emergency need, or when one requires capital for provident or productive undertakings. The best way the group thought at that time was to organize themselves to form a cooperative.


A total of 45 interested TMX employees group together to pull-in their resources to start the plan. These 45 incorporators paid the way for the birth of the first cooperative with a start-up capital of only P11,600.00.


photoThe Leg-work. With the members’ commitment, the group started the leg-work towards the full-accreditation of the movement. During that time, the cooperatives were still under the control of the Ministry of Agriculture, thru one of its sections, the Bureau of Cooperatives Development (BACD).


The first step the group went into was cooperative training seminar. As required by the BACD, prospective members are required to undergo the coop pre-membership seminar. Thus, the team went into training on Nov 12-16, 1982 which was conducted by VICTO. Full compliance of the training requirements were made and was attested by then City Agriculturist Engracio Malubay on January 24, 1983.


With the interim board, the group created a special committee to draft the Articles of Incorporation and the By-Laws. These were subsequently ratified by all the 45 group members on May 10, 1983 with the documents notarized by Atty. Francisco Malilong.


photoThe Birth. It was on May 10, 1983 that the TMX Cebu Employees’ Credit Cooperative Inc. (TCECCI) was born. It was on the same day, that TCECCI members had their first General Assembly Meeting wherein the first formal election took place. Open were the seats to the 9-Board of Directors and the membership to the regular committees. A temporary Election Committee was created to supervise the election process.


Right after the election, the first set of officers took their oath of office before Pusok Brgy Capt. Ponciano Patalinghug and the general membership.


On August 23, 1983, the Bureau of Cooperative Development granted full accreditation to TCECCI .. And everything blossomed to where it is now.


photoThe Evolution. With the untiring and unselfish services provided to its members, it has grown in many ways. Member’s need expanded too. Middle of 1986, clamors from the General Assembly to put up a consumer store to serve their growing needs was conceptualized.


It was only in March 1992 that it was amended to become TMX Multi-purpose Cooperative (TMPC) from the original TMX Cebu Employees’ Credit Cooperative Inc. (TCECCI). On May 7, 1992, the first consumer store opened to provide the various consumer needs of its members.


With the emerging trend on “Deepening of Coop Services” which was moving towards specialized or focused coop business, TMPC was divided into 2. These are: ? TMX Credit Cooperative — to provide credit services for members only, and; ? TMX Consumers Cooperative — to provide consumer and cafeteria services for members & non-members. The move to split was in line as well for the benefit of the coop as brought about by the complication of taxation.


A General Assembly was held in December 8, 2000 to amend the multi-purpose coop charter into a credit coop. All TMPC members were automatically converted to become credit coop members while membership to the consumers coop was opened to interested TMX regular employees effective December 15, 2000. Fixed deposits of all TMPC members were retained with the credit coop.


The amendment made took effect January 2001. Thus, TMX Credit Cooperative (TCC) now exist.


photoThe Future. 25 years of excellent and unselfish services were provided to the members! A lot of the pillars of our cooperative were no longer with us in its 25 years of operation. What’s next? Shouldn’t you still want to take part in its growth in the next 25 years or more? The answer is in your hands ..


Let’s work together to make the next 25 years more promising .. Together, we will grow!